Notes on CombatEdit

Primal combat as I currently misunderstand it. - Jove the Hacker.

Pressure SensitiveEdit

  • The combat system in Primal uses the DualShock2 controller's buttons' pressure sensitivity.
    • Pressing hard on a shoulder button can give a different move than pressing lightly.
    • This means Jen's lightning fast moves slow down when you get excited and start hitting the buttons harder in combat.
    • Many games do not take advantage of this capability. Duration of the keypress is substituted.


Each of Jen's combat attacks is separately motion captured. Once a combat move starts Jen discards all control input until the move finishes.

  • Learn to time keypresses to coincide with the end of the current move.
  • She can hit, or she can move, but not both at the same time.
    • Pressing and/or holding a button while Jen is in the middle of an attack is useless.
      • Except for the Block move, where holding R1 maintains the block.
    • The keypress is ignored, even if the button is still held after the move finishes.
    • Only holding the joystick direction will be picked up and implemented after the attack finishes, because joystick deflection continuously sends information to the game.


  • The secret to combat seems to be combinations of attacks, aka Combos.
    • Triggering these can be problematic.
    • One approach that works is quick (2-3 per second), light taps on R2.
    • Be careful of hitting the buttons too hard in the excitement of combat.
      • Hitting the buttons too hard leads to harder-hitting, but slower, attacks by Jen.
      • Slower attacks give the enemies a chance to retaliate.
  • Circling an enemy to attack from the side or behind can work well.
    • Try to do it when the enemy is in the middle of his/her own combo attack.
    • They don't seem to turn to follow Jen then.

  • For big slow enemies, particularly those with shields, the block/parry (R1) seems to work well.
    • Jen's Djinn form does extremely well with this when using the big fire sword. Two good ripostes and the enemy is ready for the FinishingMove,
  • Quick light taps on L2 or R2 seem to give the best effect. It can prevent an opponent from getting in any attacks off.
    • Works on Malkai in Solum and Yaarg in Aetha in Jen's human or Ferai forms.
    • Works vs Ferai when Jen's in Ferai form.
    • Can also work vs Valeera in Aetha
  • In Undine form Jen's best tactic is L2 to attack from a distance. Then back away and to the right. Repeat. R1 if cornered, perhaps. I never think of it in time.
  • As a Wraith R2 to hit from a distance. Works well vs Wraith guards just as they salute with their swords. Wraith Dodge as needed, especially to avoid being mobbed. Wraith dodge in quickly via left joystick and O for the FinishingMove. Wraith guards recover quickly.
  • Don't forget to circle to the right as the enemy strikes. This will leave Jen in position to hit them from behind. Can work very well vs the red and gold giant crabs. The greenish giant crabs turn more quickly. Stick and move. Run away to heal.
  • Quick light taps on L2 and R2 give much faster hits.
    • With the MONSTROUS invulnerability cheat it's fun as heck just to watch.
    • The Ferai claws leave a solid trail of color behind them.
  • Random keybashing ... uhh ... inquisitive experimentation have come up with some fascinating combos.
    • Sometimes Jen gives the knee, hard and dirty.
    • Another has a behind the back two-handed endmove for Ferai, Undine, and Djinn forms.
    • One Djinn combo includes a forward cartwheel. It seems to be a series of quick taps on the R2 shoulder button.
    • L1 seems to always be a spin move, usually combined with backward movement.
    • R1 is the block/parry move. The "parry" is activated when the block is done quickly enough in response to an enemy attack.

The FinishingMove was problematic in Aetha vs all those Wraith guards. Once Jen had seven or eight ganging up on her. Valeera, on the other hand, went down surprisingly quickly. I think it was some of those lightning fast Ferai combos inside.


  • In Wraith form Jen can perform a Wraith Dodge.
    • Pressing O while the left joystick moves Jen will zip Jen in that direction.
    • No primal energy is used.
    • Reminder: The O keypress must be initiated after Jen finishes any combat moves.
  • In Djinn form Jen can switch between single-weapon and two-weapon combat.
    • Default is two-weaponing daggers.
    • Pressing O switches to large sword. Very slow.


Moves and CombosEdit

  • The Triangle button is always Taunt.
    • No known effect other than entertainment.
    • No known combos.
    • Each form has a taunt. The Djinn form has two. One for each weapon set.
    • Force and duration of keypress doesn't seem to matter.
  • The L1 button is always Spin.
    • No known combos.
    • Force and duration of keypress doesn't seem to matter.
  • The R1 button is always Block/Parry.
    • Block is the usual move.
      • Hold the R1 button to maintain the block.
      • Force unknown.
    • Jen sometimes executes a Parry when R1 is pressed as an enemy attacks.
      • This can be very effective, but the timing is tricky.
      • Force and duration unknown.
      • Parry is the in-game term, but is actually misleading. Jen not only blocks the opponent's attack, but adds a counter-attack. An attack which takes advantage of the opponent being off-balance after a well-timed block.
  • R2 and L2 are the primary attacks and combo buttons.
    • Force of keypress matters. Harder means harder but slower hit.
    • Press the same key multiple times for combos.
      • Timing of combos is tricky.
      • Combo limit seems to be three consecutive keypresses.
      • Three hard keypresses gives a different combo than three soft keypresses.
  • L2+R2 for Special Move
    • Extremely slow.
    • Used as Finishing Move when opponent is ready.
    • No known combos.
    • Force irrelevant(?)