The NTSC version of the game has subtitles available in three different languages.

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

Colors Edit

  • Jen's subtitles are white.
  • Scree's subtitles are yellow-orange.
  • Most other subtitles in Solum are yellow.
  • Yellow subtitles

  • Green subtitles
    • Queen Aino
    • Arturo, Substation Engineer.
    • The Watcher (aka Old Pug Face) in Aetha.
    • The unexpected ally (Prisoner) in the dungeons in Aetha.
  • Red subtitles

The color of the subtitles seem to indicate the speaker's attitude toward Jen and Scree. Specifically their attitude in combat. Those with green subtitles will aid in combat. Those with red subtitles will attack. Those with yellow subtitles will not participate in combat.